About the owner:

Hey! My name is Nikki and I'm the owner of niknik's boutique. I run this little online store from my home in a small city south of Dallas, TX. I've always been into fashion and shopping and anything that goes along with it! Throughout high school, I sometimes thought it would be fun to own clothing store, but never took the idea seriously.

Still into fashion by the end of high school, I went to The University of North Texas and studied Merchandising there. I went in with every intention of becoming a retail buyer, but it didn't take long for me to find out that it wasn't for me. I wanted to do something a little more creative.

By graduation, I had very little interest in the career options available. At the time, I was a barista at Starbucks and that was more fun than the corporate jobs I was interviewing for. So, for the next couple years, I was pretty clueless about what I wanted to do. After working for a clothing boutique for a while, I quit my job and realized I wanted to pursue this off and on idea of owning a clothing store.

And so, I created niknik's boutique, an online clothing store. I truly enjoy picking out items for my customers, doing pop-ups, and all the day-to-day tasks that go into running this fun, creative business.

About the shop:

I wanted to create a shop that carries unique, practical clothing, accessories, and jewelry and I wanted to prices to be fair. I mainly carry casual styles women can wear most often. 

I like to offer a variety of different styles that will work for younger girls in their teens and twenties to women in their fifties and up. You'll find lots of cute pieces you can easily dress up or down that will make your closet more versatile! Plus, I never charge shipping because who wants to pay shipping? Not me!

Plans for the future:

Eventually, I would love to be able to donate a percentage of profits to animal rescues and special needs animals. I am a huge dog-lover, and have always wanted to give back to them in some way. I can't wait until I am in a place where I can do that. 

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